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Dale Adams


Dale Adams has been passionately invested in the heating and cooling industry for 42 years and counting. Dale primarily specializes in ventilation, heating & cooling and indoor air quality for the masses. As a professional he’s built a client base with exceptional customer service. Always putting the client’s needs first. Dale's made his life’s mission to understand home comfort issues and help others.

Aquib Ali


Aquib Ali is an astute entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others. He was introduced into business at a young age. Always eager to improve his life with personal development. He’s built multiple businesses over the years. Aquib has a wide range of experience, in numerous industries. Is diligent and a brilliant problem-solver.


After a series of chance meetings Aquib Ali and Dale Adams were introduced and became the Co-founders of A&A Life Products. With their combined experience and knowledge, they were destined to change the world with “healthier air for your everyday life”. A company that would put the people first. A&A Co-founders are set to improve their ideas to provide everyone safer air in environmentally safe ways.


It has always been important for us to give back to the community, that's why we've written into our companies mission to do just that. For every sale, $10 dollars on your behalf and another $10 dollars from us will be donated to the Ronald McDonalds House.

$20 from every sale goes to charity

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